Sunday, 26 August 2007

5 Baby chipmunks......

Unfortunately i found the mother had past away on friday afternoon in our aviary and left 5 beautiful babies to defend for themselves, they are now indoors and being hand reared, they are being fed every 2 hours just to build there strengh up as i dont think the mum looked after them that well as they were quite skinny and now we have took over they have seemed to gain weight.

We have 3 girls and 2 boys. 3 of which have there eyes open, the runt of the litter is still very small and hs its eyes closed, also one of the maes has his eyes closed and is still not opened them yet, the vet says we might have a blind baby which is very sad but seems to be doing well.

we are trying our best to raise these a babies, it take time and effort to keep them alive.

will post pictures soon.